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Way With Words

Can sustainability ever be engaging – or sexy?

The Mundi & Co team shares its top tips on how to make sustainable messaging more engaging


Sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have. Research shows that luxury consumers increasingly choose to buy ethically, preferring brands they trust on environmental and social grounds.

But while many companies are responding to demand and adjusting their operations, most struggle to get this message across.

So how to do it well? How do you find your authentic story and tell your clients what you’re doing without being boring, preachy or, worse, greenwashing and making false claims? We think it’s simple. It’s about finding those stories that will really engage your audience, and ultimately, bring results.

The most visible way of doing this is by making it part of your brand. If you’re implementing sustainability measures and genuinely walking the talk, then make sure your customers know about it. Making your green credentials part of your tag line, logo and core brand pillars is key.

Why? Because your clients want to know that they are having a positive impact by choosing your company so talk about it from the get-go. This means using engaging language and subtly weaving in impactful words that will become associated with your brand.

A great example is Aracari Travel, a luxury tour operator to Peru, Bolivia and the Galapagos. We created a tone of voice that brings to life Aracari’s extraordinary, purpose-driven and experiential travel by bringing the founder to the forefront, talking about her in-depth knowledge and unrivalled contacts – and her pioneering focus on sustainability, which was way ahead of the curve.


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